Thursday, 15 November 2007

Why is Norton(CCAPP.exe) eating my CPU?!?

We just got some pcs reconfigured to use Outlook and Norton. They had been using webmail until now without a hitch but there seems to be a certain belief that as users go up in the employee/management hierarchy they should be allowed to have things installed such as Powerpoint, Access, Ms Outlook, etc, even when they dont even know how to use them.

Surprise, surprise, some users started complaining afterwards about their pcs getting slower and slower, problems sending emails and more. After a quick check to the Task Manager (Right click on the Systray or Ctrl+Alt+Del and then Task Manager) I found that CCAPP was using roundabouts 70-80% of CPU. I thought I'd google this up but to my disappointment, all I could find was obvious SEO websites with lists of explanations as to what CCAPP is/does but noone explaining how to solve the issue other than to disable outgoing email checking.

I have uninstalled Norton for the time being and I will be depending on our linux server's email antivirus. I'll carry on searching...

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