Friday, 28 December 2007

Spiderman - One More Day

Warning, Spoilers Ahead.

I have just finished reading the last issue of Spiderman: One More Day. I've been left with a weird feeling of anger and disappointment.

The storyline basically shows Peter Parker's aunt taken to the hospital due to a bullet she took by mistake instead of Peter. Because of Spiderman leaving Tony Stark's side at the end of the Civil War, he is at the moment an Outlaw and has no financial means to confront helping Aunt May's critical situation. He goes and asks Tony for help and after a pretty cool fight were Peter shows he could even rip his armor off if he wanted, Tony declines directly helping him and warns him that next time they meet, he is taking him prisoner.

Tony, facing feelings of guilt sends his butler to pay for the costs of Aunt May's medical bills. Still, there is no way to help her due to her condition and so, Peter is approached by all time baddy, Mephisto. He shows him the images of people he could have been in other realities and one of a little girl he intends to explain later. Mephisto gets Peter and Mj together and tells them that he can save Aunt May in exchange for their marriage.

After a long discussion, MJ and Peter decide to go ahead with it and save Aunt May when Mephisto reveals to them, that the little girl he saw was their possible future daughter that they will now never have.

Next thing we know, Peter wakes up in a world where he is single and Aunt May is alive. Other things look different which is odd since Mephisto did say "Everything else will remain the same".

Anyways, give it a read if you get a chance and you will see what i mean about anger and disappointment. Spiderman, who was once Captain Universe, who's faced all sort of tricksters like Misterio and others, who's won and lost everything over and over again, who's only good thing in life was MJ goes and throws it all away because he doesnt have the guts to carry the weight of his own actions... that, to me, is ridiculous and very disappointing. If they wanted an excuse to get Spidey back to the old times, to a more careless attitude, fair enough, but i think, in the process, they have made the character look like a complete "noob".

Bad effort really, not the ending i expected, but yes the one I feared Marvel would come up with.

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