Friday, 6 June 2008

Upgrading Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 using Yum

Despite all the warnings about updating Fedora 8 to 9 using YUM i had to give it a go. I did this succesfully a couple of months ago but was left with a couple of minor problems that are related to the actual new version of Fedora rather than the update method.

Firstly, I cant run wine anymore. It seems like, because I have an nvidia card and the drivers for Fedora 9 still havent been released, there is some sort of crashing caused perhaps by an attemtp from wine to access direct3d or opengl features from a driverless card. This is a bit of a guess as you can see but i have seen complains all over the web.

Last night I finally saw the x11 nvidia drivers in the udpates list so I will be checking today if this has changed and fixed the situation.

The second problem i am experiencing, i have to admit i have been too lazy to figure out whats causing it, is that I cant run the updates through the new, pretty graphical interface. Note that I log in as root (yes, i do and you can give me all the reasons you want not to do it, I will still log in as root, i am a carefull user) and it seems that the issue is related to that in some way (I read somewhere someone say "it confuses yum to log in as root" ????). I can still open a terminal and run yum update and it works perfectly.

I will see if wine is working again and drop a post about it.

---> Edit

I almost forgot about this one. The actual problem with Wine is with some of the files it creates the first time it runs. I run Linux as root (naughty) so, what i did was, I deleted the ./wine directory from the /root directory and then started wine. It works perfectly now.

On the other hand, yum still wont update from its GUI and I have to run yum update -y from a shell. I really havent looked at this, its so easy to just use the command line for it that it seems a waste of time. I'll post here if I ever fix this.

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