Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

I have always been a follower of the Final Fantasy series. Because
those games were never released back home, i had to resort to using
emulators to play them. That was until FFVII came out. I remember
spending about 24 hours in a row playing FF with my brother because
we... ermmm.... didnt have a memory card back then. So I've played most
of them, even FFXI (a.k.a. Final Fantasy Online) where I spent hours
past my bedtime fighting ridiculously hard battles and trying to
communicate in languages I cant even speak... good times.

I was very happy to see that Square decided to expand the FF VII myth
by not only releasing a new FF movie but also a number of other games
revolving around the same storyline. Now, for one reason or another
(mainly the horrendous reviews they got), I decided not to buy any of
them. That was until FF VII: Crisis Core came out.

The game, released
for the PSP platform, features the new fighting system that will
apparently be used for the upcoming FFXIII series. The new DMW (Dynamic
Mind Wave) combat style is a mixture of a more real time and button
pressing skill based system but it also depends on a strange slot
machine situated at the top left corner. This slots machine introduces random power ups and special attacks that resemble the old "Limit Breaks".

Now, I cant say too much more about it because I have just started
playing it but, so far, i have found it quite fun, even when I've
always preferred the more "turn based" format (i like to take my time
with these things). The game does seem slightly more shallow than its
previous instances and it makes you feel like its lost a bit of the old
strategic quality it always seemed to have.

Nevertheless, I shall continue playing it and see where it goes. I am
slightly driven by curiosity after seeing the first Summon attack from
Ifrit... very impressive pre-rendered CGI!

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